"High performance, open source, scalable and cost effective primary and secondary storage virtualization"

Data growth within an organization is unprecedented and administrators are facing an unenviable task of data management while trying to keep costs down. QUADStor Storage Virtualization is the perfect solution to reduce storage cost, while keeping your business running 24/7.
Its feature rich: thin provisioning, data deduplication, high availability, block-level synchronous mirriorring, vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) support, Offloaded data transfers (ODX) support and many more
Its free and Open Source !
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"High performance, open source, scalable and cost effective storage disk based backup solution"

Organizations today face major data protection issues. Increasing corporate data together with stringent regulatory compliances amount to increased backup and restore times. Existing tape based data protection fails to meet the requirements of the modern datacenter.
QUADStor virtual tape library improves backup and restore performance, reduces manual media handling while complementing existing tape infrastructure.
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